Hello, I'm Melissa Bourdeau, a cognitive performance specialist based in Ottawa. I help athletes see and process the game faster, improving their spatial awareness and helping them recognize timing in their game. I provide cognitive development to athletes and help them tap into their peak performance potential. I work with athletes who are ready to be consistent and put in the work on a long-term basis, just like strength and conditioning and their development on the ice. Because without consistency, we can’t achieve the steps needed that lead to results. Since my approach is unique and no one else does what I do around Ottawa, I work with people who travel from far and wide!

I'm not just a specialist; I'm an athlete at heart, spending most of my life on the hockey rink and remaining involved in the sport ever since I stopped playing. That love for the game led me to where I am today – making athletes reach their full potential. Drawing from my personal experiences, including recovering from concussions, this is a personal journey that fuels my passion for cognitive development. I get it. I understand the huge benefits that strong cognitive abilities have on athletes, and I'm here to help them perform at their best.

I'm not just a cognitive specialist; I'm someone who understands athletes, the game, and brings a fresh perspective. I'm all about helping athletes think and see the game differently.